name of sculpture here   BARTIMAEUS

Bartimaeus is one of the almost forgotten little people of the world who do great and mighty things. I wanted to work my hands into that moment in his life when incredible transformation happened. He was a blind beggar, an outcast, and as Jesus approached, he threw off his cloak, and ran blindly towards the voice that called him in his darkness. His courage has always moved me and Jesus’ short dialogue with him is remarkable. “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asks. “I want my sight back,” Bartimaeus replies. “Go,” Jesus says, “your faith has made you well.”

Bartimaeus’s own faith cured him! What do we do with that line? We would toss this amazing line away like an empty pill container, hardly daring to believe its meaning. Yet, what a gift is that little statement to Bartimaeus and to us in our over pilled, over medicated culture.

BARTIMAEUS (large), 19" high